VAELITE is offering skills camps and clinics throughout the summer. Female athletes will learn and improve through high intensity drill progressions, maximizing the number of contacts, and will improve their court awareness and knowledge of the game through game-like situations and competition.

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Virginia Elite is proud to present our roster of coaches for the 2006-2007 Season. We continue in discussions with several other coaches so assignments will continue to evolve. We are also identifying coaches that will be assisting us with our clinics! So check in with us again.
Claudio Borgiotti, Head Coach
Ted Green, Assistant Coach

Tom Leney, Head Coach
Kim Sears, Assistant Coach
Chris Ann Becki, Assistant Coach
Paul Bernett, Assistant Coach
Betsy Scudder, Assistant Coach

Mark Frymire, Head Coach
John Ginty, Assistant Coach
Austin Zimmerman, Assistant Coach
Melanie Bradshaw, Assistant Coach
Kinsey Holder, Assistant Coach

Ben Glon, Head Coach
Sherrilyn Hanna, Assistant Coach
Rebecca Waters, Assistant Coach
Mike Coffey, Assistant Coach

Tom Lowrey, Head Coach
Jessica Hayden, Assistant Coach
Miguel Solano, Assistant Coach
Steve Kirchner, Assistant Coach

John Teifer, Head Coach
Cheryl Stern, Assistant Coach
Darrel Austin, Assistant Coach

Clinic and Floater Coaches
Steve Stotler
Bill Musgrove
James Oh
4-20-2007 NEQ #2 Results: The VA Elite 16's "Fierce" lived up to their name this past weekend at NEQ #2, finishing 14th in OPEN with a record of 5-4. They were 1-point away from being in the Gold Division all weekend long. Click here for more results.
4-19-2007 VA Elite extends prayers and concerns to all those affected by the tragedy at VA Tech. We simply say Go Hokies! On Friday, April 20th, the VT community is asking everyone to wear Orange and Maroon to show support. Click here for more information.
4-18-2007 Club Paintball Event on May 19th: Email info@vaelite.com for information.
4-15-2007 Signing News: Meghan Frick accepted an offer from Wilmington College to continue her volleyball career while Caitlyn Jansen decided to join Ryann Lowery at Christopher Newport. With these two committments VA Elite has all their seniors signed and moving on to play volleyball at the next level.
4-14-2007 Great press for VA Elite 17s (Cobras) in The Loudoun Times-Mirror! Click here to view the article.
4-9-2007 Northeast Qualifier #1 Results: VA Elite 18s, suffering from several severe injuries and illnesses, has to withdraw from NEQ.
VA Elite 17s improves incoming seed by finishing 27th overall, and has tremendous success with recruiting.
3-31-2007 Weekend Results: VA Elite 13s (Ice) continue their winning ways! Click here for more results.
3-26-2007 Great Weekend for VA Elite! VA Elite 16s (Fierce) win Gold at NVVA Park View Open; VA Elite 17s (Cobras) take Gold at Columbia Invite; VA Elite 18s take Gold at Delmarva Invitational. VA Elite 15s (Adrenaline) play up at 16s Keystone tournament; VA Elite 14s (Pulse) play up at SMJ 15s Invitational. Click here for more results.
3-18-2007 Weekend Results: VA Elite 14s (Pulse) win Gold at BAVA 15 Invitational; VA Elite 13s (Ice) take the Gold at Team Force 13's Invitational. Click here for more results.
3-15-2007 Congratulations to Ryann Lowery (18's setter), who has decided to continue her volleyball career playing for Christopher Newport University next year.

VA Elite 18s take silver at the MVSA Invitational; VA Elite 14s and 15s both finish in Gold bracket at the Shamrock Festival. Click here for more results.

3-4-2007 Weekend Results: VA Elite 18s take Silver at Shepfest. VA Elite 15s (Adrenaline) win Gold at NVVA Park View 15 Open. VA Elite 14s (Pulse) play well in Keystone Region tournament; VA Elite 13s (Ice) are tough competitors in NVVA Loudoun 13/14 Springtime. Click here for more results.
2-21-2007 Congratulations to Jessica Bradford (18's setter). Jessica verbally committed to accept a Division I volleyball scholarship to GA Southern.

A successful weekend for VA Elite at the Early Bird Extravaganza. Click here for more results.

VA Elite 17s and 18s have a great weekend at the Las Vegas Invitational. Click here for more results.

2-12-2007 VA Elite 14s (Pulse) win Gold at Columbia 14s Invitational. Click here for more results.
2-7-2007 Great press for Virginia Elite from Prepvolleyball.com! Click here for an article on 17s Kelsey Maloney. Click here for an article including highlights of Va. Elite 15s, 17s, and 18s performance at Monument City Classic.
2-4-2007 A great weekend for VA Elite down at the Monument City Classic, with all teams finishing in the top 10. Click here for more results.
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Virginia Elite is extremely proud to partner with Parents for Good Sports to launch its Sports Parenting Program in Virginia. Dr. Epperson, founder of Parents for Good Sports, has developed a program that helps parents, athletes and coaches to communicate more openly with one another, achieve a better understanding of one another, discover a common ground upon which to build good working relationships, and establish agreements about how they are going to work with one another in creating a mutually supportive team community.
More information about the program can be found at the Parents for Good Sports website: http://www.parentsforgoodsports.org/




VA Elite is a club geared towards the girls that want more, with an emphasis on getting girls college scholarships to play volleyball. Click the link to learn more about the recruitment program at Virginia Elite.
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